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Monday, 2 November 2015

My MS Paint Drawings of the Characters from Goosebumps, Welcome to Dead House

I was bored, so I decided to use Microsoft Paint to draw the characters from my favorite childhood film, the Toronto-made Goosebumps: Welcome to Dead House.
Filmed in 1997 on Toronto's industrial Unwin Avenue, Welcome to Dead House is an adaptation of a middle-grade novel written by American author R.L. Stine. The film tells the frightening story of an average family of four relocating to the small, desolate town of Dark Falls, Icssoma. Three years prior to the Benson family's move into town, an accident occurred at the chemical factory on the outskirts of town (Toronto's decommissioned Hearn Generating Station), that killed several workers and left Dark Falls severely economically-depressed. The kindly but shady realtor (aren't they all), Mr. Dawes, tells the Bensons that this is the reason why the huge houses in Dark Falls are so cheap, but twelve-year-old Amanda and her little brother Josh believe that there's a more sinister story to be uncovered.
Anyway, I didn't draw every character, only a few, and it turned out better than expected:

#1: Amanda Benson: Amanda (played by Amy Stewart), is twelve years old and the first to suspect that something is wrong with the town of Dark Falls when she stars hearing voices and seeing people trying to get into her closet at night. As someone who's very resourceful, she's also the one who figures out how to save herself and her family.

#2: Compton Dawes: 
Mr. Compton Dawes (played by Ian D. Clark), is a nice but very shady real-estate agent, the one who sells the "dead house" to the Bensons. It's implied that Mr. Dawes, like the Bensons, was lured to Dark Falls and killed after the accident at the chemical factory occurred. 

#3: Agnes Thurston:
Agnes Thurston (played by Mairlyn Smith), is the mother of Karen Thurston and wife of Mr. Thurston. At first a friendly woman who offers home-made breakfast to the Bensons, later on when she turns out to want to kill them, she becomes sadistic and starts saying funny one-liners as she pursues the family. She also reminisces about the chemical factory accident a lot.

#4: Mr. Thurston:
Mr. Thurston (played by Frank Pellegrino), is Karen's father and Agnes' wife. His first name is unknown. He was one of the unfortunate workers killed in the horrific Dark Falls chemical factory accident, and, as mentioned by Agnes, he resides mostly in his woodworking shed (to avoid the sun, at night he's busy tearing holes in the drywall of Amanda's closet, creepy!)

#5: Mrs. Penelope Benson:
Penelope Benson (played by Elizabeth Saunders) is the mother of Amanda and Josh and the wife of Jack Benson. She's the one who hangs up an ugly wreath over the fireplace in the new house, unaware that it's the only thing keeping the sick residents of Dark Falls at bay.

#6: Letta:
Letta (played by Eliska Sursova), is a minor character, a dead girl who sympathizes with Amanda and tries to warn her to move away from Dark Falls while she can.

Here's a few more drawings and screenshots from Welcome to Dead House:

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