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Monday, 19 October 2015

My Reviews of the Films 'Bicycle Bride' and 'House of Temptation'

20-year-old Beena lives in America with her mom and dad and has dreams of going to college. She's been accepted to a class and dreams of earning a master's degree. However her mother, a devoted Indian woman with strict cultural and religious beliefs, wants Beena to enter an arranged marriage to a near-stranger. Although Beena knows that many arranged marriages are successful, she already has a profound love for James, a boy in the neighborhood. He gives her opportunities to do things she's never been able to do, and he respects her. Beena's mom has heard from her gossip best friend that if Beena doesn't get married, she'll be "carried away by a white boy to Ohio". This sets off a chain of events that are sometimes incredibly hilarious, and sometimes deep moments about love and culture that are unforgettable.

I loved Bicycle Bride and was amazed by its camera angles, original story, superb acting and creativity. So many comedies in the 21st century are just crass jokes and parodies, but Bicycle Bride avoids that and follows its own path, making a story that's both entertaining and beautiful all at once. It has some stunning landscapes in the background as well, really fantastic views of various buildings and landmarks within the scenery.

Watch Part 1 of Bicycle Bride on YouTube! Bicycle Bride

 I watch a lot of horror films; I'm a big fan of thrillers, slasher movies and so when I started watching House of Temptation, I loved it. It has everything from complex characters to an original plot that's chilling, haunting and exciting, everything a horror film should be.

 House of Temptation had a wonderful background soundtrack and excellent actors/actresses, each with a lot of talent. They looked and sounded like genuine, real people and they really gave House of Temptation the feeling of being almost real itself.

It was so cool to hear brief mentions of some of my favorite movies like Rosemary's Baby and The Birds, I grew up watching those movies so watching House of Temptation was also very nostalgic for me. And I loved that House of Temptation pointed out that churches should be open to anyone regardless of their race or sexual orientation, and that as long as together everyone can find faith, people should unite as a diverse community together.

There were several moments in House of Temptation where the horror effects looked incredibly realistic. I don't think I've seen a horror film with such realistic effects in a long time, it's a really eerie movie! But it's more psychological thriller than horror, so it was really in a category all its own. It had vague tones of films like Sinister (2012), Carrie (1976) and The Ring (2002), but it had original new elements that made it a very intriguing film to watch.

House of Temptation is excellent! It's original, the story is brilliant, the scenery is amazing, the film quality is outstanding and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to watch it.

Watch House of Temptation trailer on YouTube!  House of Temptation Trailer

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