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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Wow, I feel Bad For This Actor!

Threads was a 1980's British film depicting what a nuclear war in reality would look like and how it would affect modern culture, the population, education, politics, work, language and future generations. It was well-known for being the most disturbing and realistic film portraying the effects of a nuclear bomb. Among its vividly horrific scenes are a team of emergency response officials slowly starving to death and suffocating underneath a collapsed town hall, a severely burned, insane woman holding a dead baby, civilians with radiation poisoning and a teenage girl being raped by a boy her age as they fight over food.

One of its more popular-discussed scenes was one where a middle-aged businesswoman wets her pants on the sidewalk out of fear while watching the mushroom cloud over Sheffield. The actress' role was uncredited, but IMDB certainly remembered her... in her one and only acting role of all time, kind of a strange one at that...
Anne Sellors has the grand honor of being known worldwide as "the woman who urinates on herself". Wow.
And she's got a quote listed, and a fan base of four people:
My god, the people who crawl out of the woodwork online! I really hope that nachos4two was joking with his comment, 'cuz... ewww.
Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that this is just sad:
Well, at least she's got fans, but if I were an actress I don't think I'd want my career to be known for this:
Dream big lady, dream big.

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