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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Visit to Pictou County, Nova Scotia March Break 2015

The past four days I've been taking photographs in Pictou, New Glasgow, Stellarton and Trenton, which are all very historic places in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. I haven't sorted through them all yet but here's a few I got.
Snapshot of a power station, there was a snow storm going on at the time but it came out clearer than I thought it would.
 This store had a really funny name :)
 Two of my disposable Snap brand 35mm cameras.
 A mill that was out the window on the way to Pictou, as are the following two photos:

 Somebody's farmhouse.
 Fence that was out the window, there was a lot of road salt dried to the window hence the speckles.
 Another old farmhouse, Nova Scotia's rural areas are full of 'em.
 The roof is falling down on this farm house.
 This bright red one looked kind of cool.
 Some kind of health center stadium that recently popped up in the area.
 New Glasgow road sign out the window.

 The New Glasgow town hall:

 Zelda's flower shop in downtown New Glasgow.
 A diner in the area.

 One of the typical streets in the area, with a lot of older houses.
 Snowed-in Canada Post mailbox.
 A really nice red house, secluded but probably snowed in at the time.
 Big Al's Convenience, with its Coca-Cola sign, too :)
 Train railroad crossing sign.
 A Nova Scotia legal-aid office.
 Red awning on a restaurant downtown.
 Another of the streets.
 The Atlantic Superstore during an ice storm.
 Somebody's house out the window during an ice storm.
 Furniture store in the area.

 The New Glasgow bank.

 Youth rec-center, community center, union hall type place.

 Really nice older house.
 A nice little blue house down the street.

 Ironworks, maybe a steel mill...? Some kind of industrial plant in Trenton.
 Steel ladle model set up outside in Trenton.
 Another POWER TOWER!!! :)
 A slag heap from an open pit coal mine in the area, the whole thing was fenced off.

 And yes, another POWER TOWER!!! :)

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