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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Lifeguard by R. T. Cusick - One of the Coolest Book Covers I've Ever Seen!

What makes the cover of The Lifeguard by YA thriller author Richie Tankersley Cusick so cool? Well, it's certainly not the ugly-as-heck lifeguard, he's just evil-looking. What I love about this book's cover is its wavy main title font... so I decided to recreate this 1980's book title design with Microsoft Powerpoint, not for commercial use at all, just for fun.

With some formatting, this pre-designed Powerpoint Word Art add-in can be made to look almost alike to the font on the cover of The Lifeguard.
The problem is, I've got Windows 7 on my computer, not Windows XP, so I had to download the word art from the 2003 version of Powerpoint to get this font design again. Anyway, after some formatting, I ended up with this:
It's not exactly alike, so I'll keep working on it. In the meantime, this is it! 

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