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Monday, 1 September 2014

Fiction Books About Pollution That I've Read

I collect fiction books about pollution so if you have any recommendations, please comment! :)

In My Chemical Mountain, a trio of boys living in a heavily polluted small town both love and hate their situation. When environmental concerns rise, things get really extreme. I love this book, I bought it back in 2013 in hardcover and it's amazing!

In Pipe Line, a scandal involving big oil begins. This book is rather hard to come across.

In Smog City, tells the story of a misfit but nonetheless average girl who has a friendship with the personification of a hazardous waste site in Sydney, an industrial steeltown of Atlantic Canada, from the 1980's to 2013.Technically I wrote Smog City and designed the cover, but I read it when I was editing so I suppose it counts.
In Welcome to Dead House, a family moves into the small town of Dark Falls, where a chemical explosion at the plastics factory has mutated the residents into zombie-like creatures.

In Spud Sweetgrass, a boy working at a chipwagon truck uncovers the secret of grease dumping in the grass, and he becomes a pollution detective to try and find the culprit.

In The Lorax, a sad and lonely former industrialist tells the story of what polluted the planet so badly to a curious little boy.

In Make Room, Make Room!, a man living in a heavily polluted and overpopulated future learns of secrets he'd rather not have discovered. Also a movie, Soylent Green.

In Tarcadia, a boy growing up near a polluted site in the 1970's watches as the city of Sydney falls apart, and as his family falls apart over time with a nasty divorce between his parents.

In Alex, You're Glowing!, a girl living in a small, boring, yet modern corporate town gets into an accident involving toxic waste and develops incredible powers, but is in danger when the local chemical plant's owner Danielle Atron finds out.

In A Civil Action, a lawyer risks his career to help several families who have suffered from chemical pollution near their home.

In Breathers, the paranoid tales of several lives in a dystopian world are told in the format of a graphic novel.
In Oops, I Polluted Again, a troll girl tries to stop pollution when she discovers the smog that her scooter is causing, in this book for children based on a popular TV series.

In the Sheep Look Up,pollution builds up in cities so badly that the United States begins to break down under panic and rioting.

In Hot Sky at Midnight pollution is shown in a highly dramatized level, in a futuristic world where people have to wear gas masks everywhere they go.

In The World that Jack Built, a cat takes us on a journey through his beautiful neighborhood, then shows some polluted places in contrast, showing how humans can alter the world with their actions.

In The Berenstain Bears Don't Pollute (Anymore), a cheesy yet educational tale of pollution is told by characters from the popular children's series.

In Big Burn by Lesley Choyce, the story of a surfer on the east coast of Canada becomes one with a strong environmental message.

Truax is a parody of The Lorax, pointing out the other side of the supposed pollution problem, a problem that perhaps doesn't even exist.

Watership Down  is a strange fiction novel about rabbits leaving their old home which is in danger of land development and pesticides, so they head out to find a safer place to live.

 Chernobyl Murders tells the story of a couple fleeing the Ukraine after deadly pollution from the Chernobyl disaster and a madman chasing after them forces them to escape.

On Thin Ice tells the story of climate change affecting polar bears and an Inuit community where a girl named Ashley lives.

In My Life as Polluted Pond Scum, a boy investigates a strange monster possibly made from chemical pollution in this older series for preteen children.

In Totally Toxic, a 6th grader with superpowers investigates a chemical factory that is dumping toxic waste in her town, in this book for younger kids.

In Blue Inferior, a futuristic place heavily polluted changes forever when a sub-human girl washes up on the beach with no memory of who she is.

In Invisible, a woman travels back to her hometown where people are mysteriously dying, and she thinks it may be related to pollution.

Suppression tells the story of a man who has invented a way to change pollution to energy... but the government doesn't want him to, and will stop him at any cost.

Sweetwater Dreams tells of an environmental manager who fights to have his community protected from a strange hazard in the water nearby.

In Final Warning, a girl has to save herself from an army assembled just to capture her - and maybe save the planet while she's at it.

In Water's Edge, someone is polluting the French Broad River in Asheville, North Carolina with benzene. Retired environmental investigator David Samuels and his chemical-sniffing dog Blackout are asked by David’s former employer to find out who’s doing it and why.
In The Silent Song, faeries and humans live in a dying world since humans have polluted it. Now, to reproduce, they have to breed together.

In Chemical Secret, a scientist is apathetic to the pollution his employers are causing, that is, until it affects his pregnant daughter when she falls in the hazardous river behind the chemical factory.

In LIVID, a strange man in a cyberpunk post-apocalyptic world searches through junk and debris to build an object he has obsessed over.

In Good Omens, written by bestselling authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, a demon and angel, who surprisingly enough are close friends, team up to stop the human-like personifications of Death, Famine, War and Pollution from causing Armageddon.

In Dumping Ground, Special Agent Alex Marks investigates a pollution crime fifty million years in the making.
In Beyond Urban Ruin, a girl living in a polluted and barren wasteland goes on a journey to find her lost brother.

CAT is a novel about a highly skilled cat burglar who lives in a toxic waste-ridden land, and has mutated.

Eco-Wolf and the Three Pigs is a heavily biased children's story on a peaceful hippie environmentalist wolf who tries to stop three pigs (industrialists and businessmen, not biased at all, right?) from polluting town.

Night of the Toxic Slime takes place in England, featuring two teenage kids who are dragged into a cover-up involving the military, a huge pool of polluted slime and the entire fate of the fishing town where they live.. unless the pair can stop it from growing.

In The Girl With the Silver Eyes, while working in a highly polluted pharmaceutical factory years ago, several women took a new drug during their pregnancy. In the present day, a little girl named Katie, who is a shy nerd, tries to uncover the mystery of her unexplained telekinesis, while tracking down other kids who might be like her.

Spirited Away is a Japanese graphic novel series about a 10-year-old bratty girl who discovers a strange world where the spirits of everyday places and objects reside. She gets trapped there and at first hates it, but grows up and learns how to live there, with the help of a strange kid who was once a river until the river was filled in to build condos. Another river spirit has been littered with trash. The girl goes on various adventures to try and survive, help her friends and finally escape home with her mom and dad.

Based on the popular environmental 1970's Japanese movie, Godzilla vs. Hedorah (the smog monster)  is a comic book telling the freaky and epic story of the lovable monster lizard that comes to Japan to save a city, and possibly the entire planet, from a strange monster that lives on pollution and is made entirely of sulfuric acid and toxic sludge.

In Twin Loyalties, a woman living on Canada's booming urban west side travels back to Cape Breton Island on a shuttle bus to try and seek out her lost twin sister in a highly polluted alternate dimension of Sydney, the fictional Tar Ponds City, a place ridden with crime, toxic waste, rape, industrialization and human trafficking. Her native heritage, as well as help from several people along the way, may be the only key to survival in this strange and dangerous place.

Also one of the world's most detailed and popular movies, Akira is a fictional comic book series about Neo-Tokyo, an enormous, polluted and overpopulated version of Tokyo, Japan. A gang of punk kids are fighting with a rival gang when one of them gets injured, the military involves him in a surgical brain experiment, giving him telekinetic powers, and he is unable to handle them, going crazy and taking out his revenge on the city.

In IT, written by the master of horror Stephen King, a strange otherworldly monster similar to the Beldam in Coraline terrorizes a small, polluted, low-income town by residing within the polluted sewers and stalking children every thirty years. A gang of seven misfit kids try to kill the monster in 1960, but thirty years later, realizing they've failed, the kids, now successful adults, go back to town to stop It before he/she kills again.

Toxic Crusaders was a comic book based on the black comedy Toxic Avenger movie series from Troma Films. In it, a gang of disfigured and gross-looking but extremely nice mutants try to save the world from the schemes of a strange alien businessman, Dr. Killemoff, a man polluting the planet just for the hell of it.

In Evo the Elements, the world of the future is divided. One half of the population are destroying the environment. Will the earth survive, or can a balance be found?

In Silas' Revenge, an "eco-warrior" girl with her environmentally annoying hippie friends are picked up by a guy who takes them to Australia, and he has a plan to send the world into a global warming catastrophe.

Endangered Species - Diary of an Eco-Warrior, focuses on a woman who fights for the rights of animals and nature, in this rather one-sided little novel.

Isabella, the Air Fairy, is a short chapter book for kids ages 6 to 12 about a pixie girl who protects the air by reducing smog in a small town.

The Doors You Mark are your Own is a post-apocalyptic novel about a United States city where technology is at 20th century Soviet levels and a virus is attacking society.

In When Dark Falls, a woman living in an industrial city finds a new guardian in a vigilante superhero called Nocturnelle, and her sidekick, Shadow.

In Magic America, a girl named Hope lives in a surreal 1980's New Jersey while trying to keep LoboChem, a polluting chemical factory, from destroying everything that she and her family see as beautiful.


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