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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sydney, Steel Center of Eastern Canada Sign Restored

I was looking for some photographs of a road sign that used to be in Sydney Nova Scotia that read, 'SYDNEY, STEEL CENTER OF EASTERN CANADA'. Unfortunately the only photos of it I could find were very blurred:

Here is one:
It looks okay on a smaller scale but isn't very clear when enlarged. Another one was this one:

This one is even less clear than the first!

I assume the sign was taken down and sent to some scrap heap after the closure of the Sydney Steel Corporation, which is very disappointing...

However, there still is hope, I recovered the image!

This image is much clearer, I have it in high resolution. It was redrawn on Microsoft Paint (Windows 7). Basically I just extracted colors from the above two photographs, drew the sign and used a stencil of the province of Nova Scotia. The letters are a font that comes with Microsoft, Arial Black.

History recovered! :)

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